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Whether you need copy for an entire website, a press release with a quick turnaround, or have a multitude of product descriptions to write, I offer a range of copywriting services for your brand. Below is an outline of my most popular services, however copy comes in many shapes and sizes so do get in touch via the contact page to discuss any specific requests.

Web content & Blog Posts

An effective website needs more than just a beautiful design; many clients are now realizing the importance of expertly crafted copy. I create web content that effectively communicates with your customer and captures your brand ethos. While SEO keywords are still important in web copy, it is now even more vital to focus on user experience. By understanding the journey through your site, I will craft copy that converts visitors into customers.

Product descriptions

Product descriptions are too often left as an afterthought. More than just an informative paragraph, each description should be entirely unique and offer something more than just facts and figures. Instead, a customer reading a product description should already be envisaging themselves using or owning the product. I write product descriptions that engage the reader and create a dialogue around the item.

Brochure Content

Engaging content is just as vital as design when it comes to brochures and your customer should always be at the forefront of your mind. While a brochure should serve as an informative sales tool, keeping your reader interested is most important. I will create brochure content that is immediately captivating and succinct, while naturally incorporating your brand tone of voice.

Press Releases & Marketing Materials

With editors and journalists receiving hundreds of press releases every week, how do you make yours stand out? I specialise in writing press releases that are compelling from the first word. Most journalists won’t read past the first sentence; a great press release should pique interest from the start, while conveying your brand message in a condensed format.

Brand Story

Articulating values, mission statements and ethos is the first step in proving your brand is both unique and relevant. Clients often find they know exactly what they want to say, but struggle to find the words to put down. I can effectively communicate this for you and create an engaging brand story, while unlocking your tone of voice and language. A successful brand story works as the starting block for press releases and web content.

Editing and proofreading

It only takes one small typo for a reader to pick up on; the process of editing and proofreading is perhaps the most important and difficult task to undertake when writing copy. I am a stickler for grammar and punctuation, so you can be certain that every piece of text is perfectly polished.

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